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"What matters to you, matters to us"

Accounting, tax preparation,  and business solutions

We are led by experienced accounting professionals with extensive experience in all areas of finance, tax and bookkeeping. We have over 25 years experience in finance and tax accounting.

We have worked alongside each other in the corporate world for many years. After all those years of providing outstanding work for our employers, we decided it would enrich our lives so much more if we could work for indivduals and small business owners. Our level of competency in our fields has been an asset to all the companies we've worked for and now we want to be an asset to you.

At the expense of sounding cliché, there's really no job too big or too small. Whether you have years of unfiled tax returns, a new business and no clue how to setup your accounting or you're just a 1040A filer, we can accommodate you.

What sets us apart is that we are regular people. We wear many hats. We're mothers, wives, employees and many other things but, more than anything, we want to be your tax and accounting professionals.

We do this for two reasons: we love accounting and tax. It's a simple fact. Maybe that makes us nerds but we're fine with that! The other reason is that we want everyone to have the benefit of expert financial advice without high fees. We are incredibly inexpensive and for lengthy or continued services, we are more than happy to negotiate payment terms.

One of the most asked questions is, of course, how much do you charge? We can't tell you! Every case is different and we request a brief description of your needs/situation before discussing a price. But we guarantee you won't find our quality of work for prices lower than us.

To give you general idea, 1040A returns start @ $75, 1040 returns start @ $100, 1040 returns with itemized deductions, investments, etc. start @ $125 and independent contractors with business expenses start @ $150. For multiple unfiled returns or amended returns, we charge an hourly rate. But we will never begin your return without agreeing on a price. Even if the job becomes more complex once we're into it, we will always discuss any changes beforehand. There will be no pricing surprises with us.

It only takes a few minutes to send us a private FB message, email, phone call or even text. We're easy to contact. It's tax season, we're working 24/7 so it's never too late or too early to contact us.

We look forward to working with you!

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Practical Solutions

Our firm specializes in helping individuals, corporations and small businesses with Taxes, Accounting, Consulting, and other business solutions.

We take great pride in creating a strong knowledge of our customers needs and plan ahead for a stable financial future!  We look forward to reviewing your individual needs and long term growth needs.